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Kiss Girls Books

Latest Girl Wash Your Face Books:

If you ever felt suspicious about everyone else has figured out their life, and you still have no idea about yours, Rachel Hollis has something important to tell you that, its a lie.
Rachel Hollis is a founder of the lifestyle website as well as she is a CEO of her own media company for a long time, she has been working on developing a huge online community by giving tips on recreating a better life, she also told about the messiness of her life bravely.
Rachel is a practical woman with the experience of having many falsehoods that left her feeling unworthy and overwhelmed and unveils the practical life strategies which she applied in her life while moving forward. In her guides, she encourages, inspires and persuades to have real-life without fear and superstitions that are just inside the head.
In the book, Girl, Wash your Face guides, trains you to exactly how to acquire the life that you dream of, the life which is full of passion, boundless joy and how to pick yourself up with a mentality of never giving up.

The New Girl Novel Book:

A thrilling tale of vengeance, deception, and betrayal by number one best-selling author Daniel Silva of NEW YORK TIMES, where a schoolgirl in Switzerland arrives at school in the morning and leaves in the afternoon every day protected heavily like a hostage covered by soldiers in order to keep her safe. She is the daughter of a rich international businessman, but she isn’t. In the story, the girl gets brutally kidnapped across the border in France, where the legendary chief of Israeli Intelligence Gabriel Allon makes his way into a war with his old enemy who determines Middle East’s future, the world as well.

Dear Girl Amy Krouse Rosenthal Book:

One of the number one Best Selling Author of I Wish You More, Amy Krouse Rosenthal from NEW YORK TIMES now collaborates with her daughter Paris Rosenthal and brings you an inspiring book Dear Girl.
The book Dear Girl is a love letter to a girl in your life, which reminds that she is very powerful, strong, brave and holds a very precious and valuable price in this world. It is such a book that whoever girl starts to read it feels like she is wonderful the way she is, she is beautiful the way she is, no matter what circumstances she has, whether she is flying kites or jumping or playing with a hula hoop or dancing on her favorite song.
This is a message to girls that they must be what they really are and love themselves who they are, it is important to accept what they are.

Care Keeping You Younger American
The book is the bestselling book for girls to guide them with their changing body, this book is also updated, which is readable by the girl’s age from 8 and up. It has many tips and facts taken from the experts especially Medical consultant: Cara Natterson. Girls can easily find answers on their questions in this book from hair care to healthy eating helpful to their changing body. It covers everything like periods, bad breath to bras pimples and everything else. It is written in a comprehensible style and the girl reading it feels very comfortable.

Pearhead Hello Beautiful Memory Insert Book:

About the product
• This product is the best gift for the baby showers and baby gift registry which includes Perhead’s Baby Memorial Photo Journal and Babybook. It also has 50 guided journal pages with photo spaces of about 3” x 3”
• Those pages include the baby’s introduction to whom it belongs, mommy’s and daddy’s story, doctor’s visits, pregnancy a family tree baby shower, gifts and list of guests.
• Those pages consist of delivery birthday, hospital prints, visitors, announcements of birth, coming to the home, baby’s first bath, crawl, word, laugh, et sleep, etc.
• It includes birthday first five, favorite activities and friends, little joys with family, holidays, first day at school, first-class and other special moments with family.
• There is a space to add photos of pregnancy, first bath, mommy daddy’s story, baby’s sonogram, baby’s first shower, sleep and also the first picture of the baby, kindergarten, pre-school, art and holidays.
• The light pink baby book is a perfect piece for a baby girl, especially, it is decorated with designs of colors including white, black and golden. To add a modern touch a written “Hello beautiful ” and a golden arrow can be seen foil-stamped just on the front cover of the book.
• Never forget to add this adorable book to your baby registry. It’s also a great baby shower gift to give anyone expecting a girl!
• This gift is so special to give it to the one expecting a baby girl, this book so adorable. With dimensions of 9” W x 11.25 “H x .56” D
• Perhead offers a variety of baby products like baby frames, baby books, baby keepsakes, baby ornaments, pregnancy gifts.

Disney Coloring Featuring Princess Stickers:

• This is a Disney princess Coloring book, with beautiful coloring pictures
• A wonderful Disney MLP Coloring Book is a Super Set for Girls — it consists of three Giant Coloring Books in which Disney Princess are featured, an adorable princess from Frozen and My Little Pony, which also contains stickers.
• This offers 3 coloring books: one of them is Jumbo Frozen coloring book with 144 pages and beautiful featuring stickers. The second one is My Little Pony Super Fun Book including Stickers. One Disney Princess coloring and activity book which consists of 288 pages and stickers.
• The set of book is full of games, puzzles, mazes and coloring activities providing a boundless joy.
• It has bonus Disney Princess play pouch with some extra free gifts
• This provides the fun of hours and activities from where you can learn and enjoy

Never Girls Collection Disney:

This gift is special for readers from age 6-10. Four best friends get their wish to whisk off in the neverland, the home of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends. It contains four Never Girl adventures which are Far from Shore, The Wood Beyond, A Pinch of Magic and Wedding Wings.

Goodnight Stories Rebel Girls-2
This is a Sequel from the New York Times best-seller which is the most crowdfunded book of all times. You and your kids will be taken through the 100 new bedtime stories by the authors Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli, which include the adventures of extraordinary women like Nefertiti and many others. This turns the history to such stories which create a curiosity inside the readers to know more about it. The best female artist said that it shows girls that they can be anything that they want. If the children keep reading it every during their bedtime stories, they must have inspirational dreams.

Girl Drank Winner Newbery Medal:

Newbery Award 2017 winner as well as the New York Times Bestseller
Have been the Best Middle-Grade Book in 2016 from An Entertainment Weekly
Best Book of New York Public Library in 2016
Best book of Chicago Public Library in 2016
Best Book 2016 on Amazon as one of the top 20 books
Best book for Publishers Weekly in 2016
Best book in 2016 for A school Library journal
In 2016 it was the best book and was named KirkusReviews
It was also a Booklist Editors’ choice in 2017

It is the story of a witch who lives in the forest, but the witch Xan is kind. The people of Protectorate leave a baby for her as a sacrifice every year, so that they can keep her away from the town. She is a type of witch who shares her home with a Tiny dragon and a wise Monster. Xan works on rescuing the children and nourishes them with starlight and delivers them to the other side to welcoming families.
Once an accident happens with Xan, she unknowingly feeds a baby with moonlight instead of starlight, then she realizes that she has filled an ordinary baby girl with extraordinary magical powers, so Xan decides to raise her as her own, therefore she calls her Luna. On the thirteenth birthday of Luna, her magics starts to unveil with dangerous consequences. A man from protectorate is on his way to kill the witch. On his way deadly birds are on flock nearby, a quiet volcano rumbles beneath the earth surface after centuries of silence, a woman is on the prowl who has a tiger’s heart.
One thing you must know is that it is the Newbery Medal winner from the author of The Witch’s Boy.

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